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Between us Aliens and you
Humans, the difference comes
not knowing how to travel
in the Universe,
The difference is that
we are aware
of your Life.

                            Lil Grey

South-Shore Origin 1-2 are feature-length documentaries, blending reality and fiction.
This film, tells the investigations of 2 special agents Franco-Quebec, who are working on unclassified cases related to UFOs and alien abductions and SSP.
Their adventures take place in Quebec and elsewhere, but the main place of history is St Hilaire Mountain.

Runtime: 70 x 2 Min

With: Jean-Charles Moyen ,Mélanie Charest, Michael Salla, Jean-François Lagacé , Cédric O'Connor, Martin Grandmont, Michel Lalonde, Cassandra Moyen, Océane Moyen, Jaya Gauthier, Aimy Gauthier, Maëlle Gauthier, Shuba Pratt, Patterson Storr

the film
The facts


In France, according to the France Minister more than 55 000 people disappear every year. More than 35 000 are found. There are approximately 20 000 disturbing classified not clarified disappearances, every year, minors of which almost a tenth one concern.

We count on average about twenty carried people disappeared every day in the province, according to the figures of the Police of Quebec (SQ). Some are stories of fugues quickly resolute. Others become mysterious disappearances …

The SQ considers that there are approximately 10 000 descriptions of disappearance a year in Quebec, within the various police services.

This number varies between 400 and 600 a year for Mauricie and Lanaudière, two regions which are coupled in the data of the safety of Quebec

Over the past 150 years, more than 1,000 people have disappeared without a trace in American national parks. Yellowstone Park in the United States is the scene of an unexplained phenomenon, the disappearance of deer. There is a long list of wolves, cougars and grizzly bears. Some say an extraterrestrial base is under Yellowstone Park…

It is in Quebec that we would see the most UFOs, In total, 1101 UFO sightings were reported across the country in 2017, of which 518 were in the province of Quebec alone. This number is up sharply compared to the 430 UFOs reported in Quebec in 2016.

The little grey, the big grey, the tall blonde, the reptilians... There are as many names of aliens as there are who invite themselves to our planet. Montérégie is one of the regions that people from other countries would like to see, and according to some people, Saint-Hilaire Mountain is a portal. A passage zone to some hidden places of the mountain would facilitate the entry of travelers of other dimensions into our world




Rive-Sud Origine 1-2 are feature-length documentaries-mixing a few elements of Fiction, but based for the most part on true events in the lives of Jean-Charles Moyen and Mélanie Charest. The goal of these 2 films is to raise consciousness to a higher level about the reality of what surrounds us and what has been hidden from us for decades.

To listen and support the victims of abductions and inseminations by beings from elsewhere, because it is a reality and these people suffer in silence in the most total disarray.

To say STOP to discrimination and contempt in relation to the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon, no longer make a mockery of this subject which could happen to any one of us …..

The mission
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