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                                                                                            WHO IS JEAN-CHARLES MOYEN?


+30 years of experience in the audio-visual field, short/long films, Fan-Films Specialized in digital special effects, documentaries, for France, Spain, Canada and the United States.

His expertise has earned him the following distinctions at various festivals in Burbank and Hollywood for

for his work in special effects for RedCape Cinema Inc.

AWARD 2007 Phoenix/Cactus Comicon.


2023 Rive Sud origine 2


2021 STARSEED REVELATIONS (Unpublished documentary on my life)

2021 CONNEXION-ALIEN (Short videos about my Experiencer Life)
2019 Rive Sud Origine 1 (Official Selection Hollywood International Moving Award)
2019 Rive Sud Origine 1 (Hollywood International Moving Award (Semi-Finalist)  
2019 Rive Sud Origine 1 (Official Selection EBE Film Festival Award) 
2016 Le Programme Spatial Secret Clandestin (Official Selection Alien Awards in Phoenix Arizona) 

2016 Mufon Québec Investigation (TV Series documentary) (Special Effects - Edition)

2014 Prophecy of Eve (visual effects artist)

2013 A.R.C. Angel: Kalina (Short) (visual effects artist)

2012 H5N1: Pandemonium (visual effects artist)

2012 Empress of Ireland (Documentary) (co-executive producer)

2007 Best SuperHero Film, Award Amazing special effects by Nemezis Studio (Canada)

2007 Wonder Woman: Balance of Power AWARD Phoenix/Cactus Comicon.

2007 BEST Super Hero Film, Special effects by Nemezis Studio (Canada)

2006 Wonder Woman: Balance of Power (Short) (special effects coordinator)


Co-Director, Co-Producer, Editor, Co-Writer, Actor for the following shows:

With Marc St-Germain for MUFON Québec Investigation la série.

Co-Director , Co-Producer, Actor, Digital Special Effects Editor with Marc St-Germain for :

Le Programme Spatial Secret Clandestin (VF-VO) Nominated at the Alien Awards in Phoenix Arizona


Director, Producer, Editor, Scriptwriter, Actor for : RIVE-SUD Origine 1 - 2 :

This film-documentary was shot over a period of more than 7 years, entirely subsidized by himself. After months and years of hard work, editing, special effects, travels around the world, New Mexico, Arizona, the Bermuda Triangle, back in time and based on real events. His life's work is finally here...


A martial arts expert for 35 years and specializing in close-quarters security, he was also Certified Official Investigator with MUFON in August 2014. Then the numerous field investigations he conducted made him an ideal candidate for one of MUFON Québec's management positions. Or he was appointed Deputy Director in September 2015 at the MUFON International Symposium in California. In 2022 he was also appointed Director of Investigations for Quebec, but he resigned from these positions, which conflicted with his disclosures, to devote himself to the films and documentaries that tell the story of his extraordinary life. And above all about his involvement with the French and American Ultra Top Secret Space Programs.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is an international network for investigation and research into the UFO phenomenon. This non-profit organization was founded on May 30, 1969 in Illinois, USA. It is currently the world's largest ufological organization, with chapters all over the globe. All MUFON investigators must pass a rigorous test based on the Investigator's Manual, with a minimum pass mark of 80%, before receiving their certification.

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